acoustic mastering

Recording Studio, Mastering and Design Rooms

Craig Y Don, Llandudno, Wales UK

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07976116784     email: info@lescousins.co.uk  


You've tracked and you're ready to go. Zero all your tracks, remove all your plug-ins and send them to me as stems to mix using the best analogue gear for warm summing and subtle attentuation of transients and equalisation.

Your mixes will shimmer and sparkle and have the wow factor you always wanted.

If you've mixed already, send me stereo files and I'll master them to your satisfaction.

I live in Llandudno in Wales so my running costs are low. I can deliver mixes and masters that will compete with any facility and will deliver a test track prior

so you don't have to worry.

I'll send you DPP if you are manufacturing, MP3's high and low quality, and 96HZ 24 Bit Wavs for your direct digital sales.  


Current Prices:

£50 per track for Mastering

£100 per track for full Analogue Stem Mix and Master

£150 per Day for Production.

1'st track is free for approval.  

Mastering with a difference.